A southern girl, east coasting into "adulthood". This is how I feel about it.

one thousand seven-hundred and forty-two

the miles between us weighed

heavily on his gentle voice.

he sighed rhapsodies of

“someday” into the receiver

as I sunk into an abyss of bed sheets,

anchored by an iron heart.

we took turns grasping for

comforting coos in our divided darkness.

every word he spoke inscribed

his name in yet another swirling script

just under my skin. try as it may, this

breadth of terrain could never erase it.

Emotional Recall

She desperately searched his weary face for answers that would never be revealed.

Suddenly, she was seven years old again: Her parents had taken her and her sister for a picnic down by the lake, and she had forgotten to remove the pearl earrings her grandmother had given her from her tiny ears.

The little girls took turns doing cannonballs off the dock, making a competition out of who could create the biggest splash. When she climbed out of the water for the fourth or fifth time and took a moment to assess her form, her sister pointed out that one of the small ivory spheres was missing.

Her hand impulsively shot up to pinch her earlobe. Her breath caught and eyes widened as she inspected its new-found nakedness with her fingertips. In a split second, she dove back into the fern green water to search for the lost treasure. Her heart sank faster than she did as she haphazardly reached into the murky depths in hopes that the tiny, shimmering orb would manifest in front of her face like a rising moon. Instead, she inadvertently found herself surrounded by pondweed, which appeared as if it meant to entangle and drown her. She realized that in her haste to get back into the water, she had forgotten to take a breath. She thrashed wildly to escape what had soon become a forest of serpentine limbs, and immediately swam back to the surface; gasping for air, wailing for her mother, and knowing not only that the jewel was gone forever, but that it was entirely her fault. 

Hopelessness. That’s what surrounded her that day in the lake. That’s what was reflected back at her in his lacquered, rosy, dog-tired eyes.

(Emotional Recall by madly_deeply)